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Where The Future Is Present

Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare today. Hillsinai assures wings for those who are ready to press on. Advanced coaching and research in an assortment of subjects like civil service, engineering, medicine, business, finance and law caters to the diverse needs of the society as well as individual dreams of students across and beyond the nation.

Hillsinai Finishing School

You would not want to look back and know that you could have done better. At Hillsinai, we hem the frayed edges of your education giving direction to your career and your future, establishing you in a position of fulfilled dreams and ready to conquer higher peaks.

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Learning at Hillsinai

Hillsinai is a centre of learning, providing a foothold in the future. Developing necessary skills and mentoring through competitive examinations are inclusive of its comprehensive education.

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Coaching (IAS, IPS IFS)

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Training (Skills)

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Research and Innovation

What We Offer

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Explore Our Culture

The world has realized one thing. Acquiring skills and inspiring innovations is the way forward in growth. The mode of education sets the tracks to these goals. We are in a time when the globe changes from open books to world wide web of digital resources. Based out of India, the third largest education market, Digital Bridge International links the Indian mindscape to greater domains of skills, knowledge and research.

Our Partners

As an advanced coaching, skill development and research centre, Hillsinai envisages to collaborate with a wide range of organisations including government bodies, foreign universities, institutions of national fame and renowned international research centres. Following is a list of the prospective organisations the centre is planning to affiliate with.